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PROVA Railings UK

PROVA System is the low maintenance indoor and outdoor railing system that provides unobstructed views. The use of weather resistant materials means that ProvaSystem banister railings can be installed almost anywhere. Prova System is ideal for replacing rusty steel garden railings or giving balconies or terraces a new look, plus of course freshening up an indoor staircase with a stylish and elegant banister railing. PROVA System with stainless steel railings, glass railings and cable railing options is the number one banister railings system in Germany, Denmark, France & Belgium.

Preserve your view of nature's beauty by using this sleek, slimlined railing system for decks, exterior balconies and stairways.

PROVA System is equally at home at opening up interior spaces - creating dramatic sightlines and making even small spaces seem larger.

  • Contemporary European design - slimlined profiles provide a clear view
  • 18 possible configurations for both indoor and outdoor for maximum versatility
  • Backed up with a complete line of accessories for any application
  • Professional finish, but easy DIY railings assembly
  • Buy your PROVAsystem direct from us, we're the UK's railing specialists

Get started by measuring your decking area. Once you've measured up you'll need to work out the parts you will need for your project by visiting our Banister Planner. Once you've built your design print off the parts list and return to this page. From here you have 3 steps to follow.

Then Choose:

  1. Step 1 - Choose Top or Side Mounted Posts
  2. Step 2 - Then choose your inFill in Cable Wire, Stainless Steel Tubing or Acrylic glass
  3. Step 3 - Finally choose your Wooden or Aluminium Railing Handrails

On each of the steps we've included the component parts you'll need to build up your system. Your print out of the parts list will help you determine all the materials that you will need and the quantity of each item that you should purchase for your project.